Use social media to inspire your weekend adventures and local travels just tweeted that the best weekend to visit Crater Lake all year is this weekend! “Hmm, that’s a long drive,” I’m thinking. I wonder if I could fit it in. Two-day weekend + five-hour drive? No, it’s not happening. Unfortunately, I won’t be making the trek down to Oregon’s only National Park, the stunning blue gem created by a collapsed volcano, but it was nice to get the heads up from Travel Oregon that a special event was happening at the lake this weekend, I’ll keep it in mind for next year.

6167045025_f55855d5a2_oUsing social media to keep tabs on what’s going on in your city and community is a great way to get inspired for travel adventures. By following your city, state or regional tourism commission’s website, as well as any local magazines, newspapers, or entertainment blogs on Facebook or Twitter, you can be kept up-to-date on what’s happening and get some much needed travel inspiration.

For those that prefer not to use social media to get updates from local tourism agencies, many state and city tourism websites offer a monthly electronic newsletter, or you can always choose snail mail and sign up for free mailings of state and city annual visitor guides and many other free travel publications.

Got a Tweet from Portland Monthly! Kite Festival on the coast this weekend? That’s a much more manageable drive and who doesn’t love flying a kite right?

Portland peeps, I recommend that you immediately add, via your communication outlet of choice:

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