Be a tour guide in your hometown

There’s no better way to fall back in love with the place you live, than by sharing those feelings of infectious adoration with others. Today’s post is all about being a tour guide in your own city or state. Being a tour guide will be easy, fun, and you won’t have to rent a bus, buy a clipboard, and start leading droves of people around your city because I don’t mean that kind of tour guide. Instead, try out one of these ways that allow you to rediscover your home by guiding others:

tour guide cartoon

Hometown tour guide: flag not required, but tips are still welcome.

You might not have the time to get away, but maybe someone else has time to bring their vacation to you. Make sure that both you and your guests get the most out of their time in town by researching and planning what you want to do.

Host “couchsurfers” or guests on Airbnb

These two websites connect hosts with travelers looking for a place to stay. The casual website is for travelers looking for a free “couch” or whatever sleeping surface you can provide. It also has an option for hosts that are unable to host travelers in their homes, but who would still like to meet up with travelers for coffee or sightseeing. is where locals can post their rooms or entire homes for rent to travelers. Neither site requires that you give your guests a tour of the city, but you’re always welcome to offer, and from the perspective of a seasoned traveler: advice from a local is always appreciated.

Volunteer at your local Visitor Information Center

For outgoing folks with a free Saturday afternoon, you can usually volunteer to work at your local Visitor Information Center providing travel information and answering questions for travelers. You won’t get to run around town chauffeuring your travel guests, but you’ll get to meet travelers from all over the world and maybe learn something new about your hometown too.

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